Swimming coach Bud McAllister to leave Swansea for Australia


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Bud McAllister, the man who coached three of Britain’s finest swimming talents, is to leave Swansea.

The American, who coached Jemma Lowe, Georgia Davies and Jazz Carlin, is leaving the Wales National Pool to take up a post in Australia. […]

McAllister, who previously coached American sensation Janet Evans, said: “My time in Swansea has been a great experience.

“It is by far the best coaching position I have had in my career and I am grateful to all the people along the way that have helped me during that time as I move on to the next chapter in my career.”


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  1. I swam with Bud years ago. It’s hard to reflect when you are just a kid trusting your coach knows best. But now as I am an adult I wish I had a better coach who could have understood me and helped me reach my personal and sporting goals. Bud seems to think that all teenagers are at the maturity of an adult and if you aren’t perfect or easy to work with then he will not put in the effort to help you in sport. He used his influence as an older adult to deny me or opportunities and complained about me to the head coach in the country at the time. Now as I am a very successful adult and am working in a completely different work setting I think about how much I hate this man and can’t stand to see anyone applaud his work or achievements. I believe karma has already put him in his place and for that I am thankful.

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