Swimmer catches 18-pound lobster under Huntington Beach pier


See Orange County Register

“I’ve been doing this for about seven or eight years, but always out at Dana Point or Long Beach – never around the pier,” said the 27-year-old, whose father, Mike Ali, owns Zack’s.

With his LED flashlight guiding him, Ali scrounged around the pier pilings, diving to about 16 feet deep when he spotted the “bug.”

Ali said he was going after a smaller lobster when he noticed the super-sized version hiding in the structure left behind by one of the old piers.

After resurfacing to catch his breath, he dove down to the same location, stuck half his body in the hole, and grabbed the lobster from behind.

Quickly, a battle of who was holding onto whom ensued. Ali said the lobster kicked backwards, latching onto his mask and face.

“There was no way my hand could wrap around his back to grab him, but luckily he latched onto me,” Ali said.

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