Sweden selects 33 swimmers for the Herning 2013 European Short Course Championships


Upon conclusion of the Swedish Short Course Championships in Gothenburg tonight, the Swedish Swimming Federation announced a record large squad to represent Sweden at the LEN 2013 European Short Course Championships this December in Herning, Denmark, including 17 female and 16 male swimmers. Biggest names are undoubtedly Sarah Sjöström and Simon Sjödin, but promising are also for instance Michelle Coleman and the female breaststrokers led by Jennie Johansson and Joline Höstman.

Female swimmers representing SWE at Herning 2013

  • Sarah Sjöström, Södertörns S
  • Jessica Eriksson, Södertörns S
  • Jennie Johansson, SK Neptun
  • Michelle Coleman,Täby Sim
  • Rebecca Ejdervik, Täby Sim
  • Stina Gardell, Spårvägen S
  • Jessica Billqvist, Spårvägen S
  • Josefin Lindkvist, Väsby SS
  • Nadja Salomonsson, Väsby SS
  • Magdalena Kuras, SK Triton
  • Ida Lindborg, Malmö KK
  • Elin Mårtensson, Sjöbo SS
  • Louise Hansson, Helsingborgs S
  • Sophie Hansson, Helsingborgs S
  • Wilma Ekström,Linköpings ASS
  • Therese Svendsen, SK Ran
  • Céline Bertrand, Skövde S

Male swimmers representing SWE at Herning 2013

  • Simon Sjödin, SK Neptun
  • Sebastian Holmberg, SK Neptun
  • Niklas Tour, SK Neptun
  • Stefan Nystrand, Spårvägen S
  • Johannes Skagius, Sundsvalls S
  • Erik Persson, Kungsbacka SS
  • Adam Paulsson, SK Elfsborg
  • Mattias Carlsson, Uddevalla S
  • Gulliver Koch, Uddevalla S
  • Axel Pettersson, Jönköpings S
  • Linus Kanth, Västerås S
  • Jesper Björk, Stockholmspolisens IF
  • Christoffer Carlsén, Mölndals ASS
  • Henrik Lindau, Karlskrona S
  • Niklas Borin, Tureberg
  • Jonathan Kling, ÖSA


  • Andrei Vorontsov NEC
  • Carl Jenner NEC
  • Jonas Lundström Helsingborg S
  • Michael Klevstig Mölndal ASS
  • Niklas Larsson Linköpings ASS


  • Henrik Forsberg, sports director
  • Ulrika Sandmark, national coach
  • Anna Hammar, press liaison
  • Jozef Michlewicz, physio
  • Carin Möller, physio
  • Rene Tour, doctor
  • Stefan Lönngren, video analysis
  • Nicky Lukic, video analysis

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