Danish Short Course Champs 2013 – Day 4



A seemingly good night with 4 more swimmers qualifying for Herning 2013 and lots of already qualified swimmers qualifying for additional events. Jeanette Ottesen clocked 23.98 in the 50 freestyle and 56.65 in the 100 fly, and ‘our guy’ Magnus Jákupsson won the 100 backstroke in impressive 51.75.

These four swimmers were added to the Danish Herning 2013 roster:

  • 200 breast M – Emil Klingberg
  • 200 free W – Julie Brøndum Pedersen
  • 100 fly W – Christina Munkholm
  • 200 back W – Sarah Bro

Fwd: DKM2013 - Magnus - tilvildarlig mynd

(Magnus Jákupsson at DSSC 2013. Photo courtesy of Jákup Jacobsen)

Women’s 1500 freestyle

Mathilde Huss-Hansen was in a class of her own among the 6 who chose to compete in the final, splitting 5.5 seconds ahead of second fastest Emma Wael already at the 400 meter mark. She finished the 1500 in 16:42.68, Emma Wael second in 16:52.96 and Stephanie Hansen third in 17:19.54. See the result list here.

Women’s 400 individual medley

Julie Aglund Lauridsen was as expected way strongest, and ended up qualifying for the Herning 2013 Europeans in this event also, with a time of 4:38.66 where the time requirement was 4:43.57. Second and third placed Anna Boutrup and Sidse Kehlet improved quite a bit upon their entry times but didn’t make the Herning 2013 cut, with 4:46.71 and 4:46.72 respectively. See the result list here.

Men’s 200 breaststroke

Chris Christensen was the man on a mission, splitting 29.22 after the first 50 with Lasse Pittioni second in 29.54 and Emil Klingberg 29.64 in YY. Pittioni extended his lead on Klingberg to 1:02.81 against 1:03.08 at the 100 meter mark but then Klingberg came back and ended up second in 2:10.99 behind Christensen’s 2:08.55 and ahead of Pittioni in 2:13.16. Christensen and Klingberg inside the 2:11.08 Herning 2013 cut, Pittiioni outside. See the result list here.

Women’s 200 freestyle

After the first 50 meters, Mie Ø. Nielsen was out a full second and a bit ahead in 27.35 against then second placed Julie Brøndum Pedersen in 28.50, and Nielsen just extended her lead bit by bit to a 1:55.54 win with Line Jørgensen Bruun second in 1:58.91 and Julie Brøndum Pedersen third in 2:00.53. The Danish time standard for Herning being 2:00.76, this means all three of them qualify. See the result list here.

Men’s 100 individual medley

Daniel Skaaning had the lead after the first 50 with a time of 24.53 to second placed Viktor B. Bromer in 24.81, but then Bromer came back and won in 53.99, Skanning second in 54.02 and Chris Christensen third in 54.93. See the result list here. The Danish time standard for Herning 2013 is 55.14, meaning all three of them qualify.

Womens 100 butterfly

Jeanette Ottesen won as expected in convincing style, 56.65 to second placed Katrine Holm Sørensen in 59.28 and third placed Christina Munkholm in 59.54. The Danish time standard for Herning is 59.80, meaning all three of them qualify. See the result list here.

Mens 200 freestyle

Sebastian Ovesen and Frans Johannesen turned first after the first 50 meters in 25.13, Frans then extending to leading in 52.51 after the 100 and 1:19.85 after 150, before Magnus Westermann came from 1:20.80 to win in 1:46.42. Frans second in 1:46.83 and Daniel Skaaning third in 1:47.46, all inside the Danish 1:47.95 cut for Herning 2013. See the result list here.

Women’s 100 breaststroke

Rikke Møller Pedersen led of course from start to finish, splitting 30.75 to win in 1:05.39, ahead of Kelly Riber Rasmussen in 1:08.32 and third placed Louise B. Dalgaard in 1:08.70. The Danish Herning 2013 time standard was 1:08.11 in this event, meaning only Rikke Møller Pedersen gets to represent Denmark in this event. See the result list here.

Men’s 100 backstroke

Yay, in the rematch between the two Danish record setters in the 50 backstroke on day 2 of these champs, Magnus Jákupsson from the Faroe Islands put the foot down and clocked a blistering 51.75, only 21 hundredths from the Anders Jensen’s Danish record from 2009, and 4 tenths from Pontus Renholm’s (SWE) Nordic record from also 2009. Andreas Schillerup was second in 52.07 and Anders Jensen third in 54.33, only Magnus and Andreas going to Herning as the time cut for that was 53.16. See the result list here.

Women’s 200 backstroke

Sarah Bro won convincingly in 2:08.75 to Amalie Østrup’s 2:12.38 and Yasmin Saud Abdulkadir’s 2:13.67. The Danish requirement for Herning 2013 at 2:10.39 means only Sarah gets to represent Denmark in this event. See the result list here.

Men’s 50 butterfly

A bit of a letdown, this race, as nobody made the Danish 23.68 time standard for Herning 2013. Daniel Steen Andersen was first in 23.86, Søren Dahl second in 23.91, Morten Bak Hansen third in 24.28, and Magnus Jákupsson with I guess a bit empty tanks by now fourth in 24.59. See the result list here.

Women’s 50 freestyle

Surprise, Jeanette Ottesen Gray won in 23.98, not so far from her Danish record of 23.88, Pernille Blume second in 24.65 and Julie Levisen third in 25.20. The Danish time standard for Herning 2013 being 25.25 means all of them get to go. See the result list here.

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