Triple Deca Ironman: Thea Henriksen out with the flu, Kim Greisen with a fractured femur


Turns out that Thea Storm Henriksen’s 30 Ironman events in 30 days is only her part of an actual (crazy) Triple Deca Ironman competition in Northern Italy, where 50 athletes ‘attempt the impossible’. Thea managed to complete one before sitting out two with the flu, hoping to start again Friday to attempt at the world record of 20 completed Ironman events in 30 days, or the female world record of 11, or at least a ‘Thea-record’. Compatriot Kim Greisen crashed on the second day, suffering a splintered femur, so he is out. Leading the race is Czech endurance athlete Kamil Suran, who yesterday had won the three first (daily, consecutive) Ironmans in 11:25.48.20, 11:46.40.60 and 12:19.52.44. See all results here.

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