Race Mark Foster in a 1.25km Open Water Swim!


Guest post by Natalia Wawrowska / Sports Direct

Is Mark Foster one of your idols? On the 24th of August in Eton, West London you could race Mark Foster in a 1.25km open water swim. The aim of the race is to raise money for Level Water, a charity which provides free one to one swimming lessons for disabled children, until they can join mainstream classes.

Mark Foster

Mark Foster invites you to join Royal Berkshire Festival of Sport, and support disabled children. He will be swimming the 1.25km race, but there are other races ranging from 1.25km to 10km Olympic relay race.

Mark is 6 Time World Champion, 7 Time World Record holder and 5 Time Olympic. We were lucky enough to have a chat with him about the charity event. When asked what was the reason he chose to support Level Water he said: ”I want to give something back and the best way I know how is to encourage people to participate in sport. If by giving my time, I can help people less fortunate than myself have a more fulfilling life then I will give my time to support charities which promote and encourage healthy lifestyles. I believe everyone should have the right to learn to have a go at sport and especially swimming; it’s a life skill.”

Mark is a great supporter of many other charities too: “There are many worthy charities that support great causes, if I can give my support and help people to fight hunger, seek justice for women, feed and educate children, then I feel I can make a difference.”

Let’s head off to Eton this Saturday! Get your wetsuit: ladies swimwear, men’s swimwear. You can submit your entry to race Mark Foster on http://goo.gl/lnPEHT.

(Image courtesy of Nick WebbCC BY 2.0)

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