Myrtha says no swirling current in BCN2013 pool


SwimVortex has the story:

Myrtha Pools has denied that the circulation in the temporary facility installed at the Palau Sant Jordi for the 15th FINA World Championships could have made one side of the pool “faster” than the other.

A spokesman for Myrtha told “While it is difficult to argue against the facts with regards to the times, we are confident that there were no currents in the pool that contributed to the anomaly.”


According to the SwimVortex article, Myrtha arranged circulation tests on day 3 and 6, in which plastic bottles filled to varying degrees with water were floated in various lanes in the empty pool. Video images show almost no movement, and in fact most of the small movement going in the opposite direction to the suggested current.

Myrtha adds that this was essentially the same system as used in Montreal and Shanghai, where there were no time anomalies. A system called ‘strahlenturbulenz’, as demonstrated in the video below.

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