An OK start to our Barcelona 2013 participation


Phew, Poula Øssursdóttir Mohr set a new Faroese record this morning, clocking 1:04.58 and 41th of 53 in the women’s 100 meter butterfly here in the prelims of the FINA 2013 World Championships in Barcelona. Her record was 1:05.92 from the Mare Nostrum meet in Barcelona in June, so it was a nice big improvement of that, and a good start to our competitions here.


(Poula and Birita in Palau Sant Jordi. Poula to the left, Birita in a T-shirt)

As you can imagine, we have been busy with settling in here in Barcelona, these past few days. Issues with internet connection etcetera, and maybe also a bit of pre-game nerves. But now with the meet ongoing, I promise to be better! :-)

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