SAMS Elude and Diverter wetsuits are shark deterrents, chick magnets


sams-diverter(Or as my alternative cheesy title said: “SAMS Elude and Diverter wetsuits make the sharks say “Meh”, the dudes say “Yeah!” :-)

Read The Guardian and POPSCI

Scientists from the University of Western Australia, with designers Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS), have unveiled two new wetsuits that they say could save lives in the water.

Based on a breakthrough discovery that sharks are colour-blind, one wetsuit, labelled the “Elude”, is designed to camouflage a swimmer or diver in the sea.

At the other extreme, the “Diverter” sports bold white and dark-blue stripes, and is intended to mirror nature’s warning signs to ward off any potential shark attack.

You can order one here. I find them awesome

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