Asthma Society of Ireland on Swimming


“Traditionally we used to recommend swimming as a good sport for people with asthma because the environment in a swimming pool is warm and humid, and those conditions are good when you are breathing hard. They generally don’t tend to cause the type of breathing problems that we see with the field sports.”

“We want to restore our patients to normal exercise capacity. We’re not particularly pushed on what sport they do, once they are able to do what they need to do and their asthma doesn’t interfere with that. So it can be field sports, it can be swimming, it can be any sport they want. We don’t have a favorite sport”

“Most swimming pools are kept clean with chlorine, and chlorine exposure can be bad for some people with asthma, and some people find their asthma as worse having been to a swimming pool. Obviously if they find that on repeated exposure to chlorine in the pool they’re getting chesty on a regular basis, then maybe they ought to look at swimming in the sea or swimming in non-chlorinated pools. There are some ozone based venting systems for swimming pools, but by and large chlorine is the commonest agent used to clean swimming pools.

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