Viral video of baby swimming across pool stirs controversy


Read for instance 5News, ZAP2it, KPLCtv and FOX19

Adam Christensen posted this video of his 16-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, on YouTube. She was trained by a professional instructor, and her parents were standing by, but some parents are chiming in, questioning whether it is safe.

Adam BC’s disclaimer with the video:

“Just so everyone knows, I am a registered nurse and my wife was a life guard for six years and taught swimming for three. not only are we both professionally trained in CPR and water safety I am certified in advanced pediatric life support. the child in the video (Elizabeth) has been trained properly by ISR certified instructors.”

Here is the video with CNN comments

Here on CNN is a Dr. Jennifer Caudle weighing in:

“If the child didn’t know how to swim, they weren’t properly trained, clearly this is not a good idea,” Dr. Caudle says. But it’s clear from the video Elizabeth can swim. “I personally would like a parent or guardian to be very very close to that child just in case.”

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  1. Children can learn to swim quite well at a very early age, and it’s very common in Australia to have infants in the pool. Parents should be nearby any kids in the water, whether they have flotation devices or not.

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