ABC Source Doesn’t Agree With Ryan Lochte On ‘Bachelor’ Turn Down


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Last week the swimmer turned cameo actor turned fashionista ruffled some feathers when he seemed to have forgotten that he had lobbied pretty hard to get onto both of the high rated reality shows.

Instead he stated at the E! Upfronts: “They asked me if I would [do The Bachelor]or Dancing with the Stars. And I was like, ‘Why don’t I just have my own reality TV show, and just put it all in there myself? Do it my own way.’”

Last September, our source over at The Bachelor had this to say about him. “ABC really wanted Ryan for The Bachelor knowing the ratings it could pull in, but after careful consideration, they felt that he might not be as interested in his housemates as our previous contestants. He should definitely do more shows like Project Runway since he seems more aimed at fashion style things. Dating shows might not be his bag.”

After contacting them about Lochte’s diss, they had this to say. “Ryan is delusional if he actually thinks things panned out that way with The Bachelor and Dancing. He and his people lobbied very hard, and it just didn’t work out the way he’s now claiming. ABC is now thankful they decided not to use him after the dismal ratings for his reality show. It’s time for Lochte to get back to what he does best…and it’s not acting or playing himself on television.”

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