Texans trying out the Swedish delicacy ‘Surströmming’


surstrommingTexans trying out the Swedish speciality ‘Surströmming‘, fermented Baltic herring that the Swedes (and Finns, apparently) eat on special occasions.

When opened, the contents release a strong and sometimes overwhelming odour; the dish is ordinarily eaten outdoors. According to a Japanese study, a newly opened can of surströmming has one of the most putrid food smells in the world, even more so than similarly fermented fish dishes such as the Korean Hongeohoe or Japanese Kusaya. Source Wikipedia

Interesting detail: Several airlines have banned surströmming on their flights because of the pressurized containers (and the stink in case of leakage). But I guess this one was on one of the other airlines, seeing those Priority stickers on the package :-P

Warning: Speak (and sound) is seriously NSFW!

Photo courtesy of Aboh24 / Wikimedia Commons

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