Henrik Christiansen sets 4 Norwegian junior records at Eindhoven 2013


17-year-old Henrik Christiansen had an impressive run at the Eindhoven 2013 Swim Cup this weekend, first breaking three Norwegian junior records in the 200, 800 and 1500 on Saturday, and then taking down also the 400 freestyle Norwegian junior record on Sunday. Undoubtedly the strongest up-and-coming Nordic long distance swimmer, and that is saying a lot ! :-)

Henrik’s 4 new Norwegian Junior Records

  • 200 free 1:52.33 (old record was Jarl Inge Melberg 1:52.93 in 1988)
  • 400 free 3:58.23 (old record was Gard Kvale 4:00.01 in 2002)
  • 800 free 8:17.76 (old record was Henrik Christiansen 8:18.74 in 2012)
  • 1500 free 15:40.79 (old record was Henrik Christiansen 15.44.70 in 2013)

Henrik almost broke the 400 IM Nordic Junior record also, with a time of 4:32.51, the current record being Kim Henriksen’s 4:31.21 from 1997.

See medley.no for Norwegian records

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  1. Looking very promising indeed.

    The best times posted by a faroese junior: Pál Joensen 2008

    400m 3:51,44
    800m 7:56,90
    1500m 15:18,37And in the faorese it’s stil hard to appreciate just how good this is.

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