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Jackson, 50, was diagnosed with throat cancer on Feb. 9, when he went to the doctor after he gradually started losing his voice. Three days later, doctors determined that he suffered from laryngeal cancer, a disease that usually affects heavy smokers over age 55. Jackson, who is a health nut, never smoked.

He also doesn’t have health insurance, and his medical bills after throat surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are mounting, said his wife, Sonya.

For more than 30 years, Jackson has not only taught people of all ages how to swim; he has made good swimmers even better. Now those swimmers want to give back to the man they love.

Since his diagnosis, the Masters have dropped off gift baskets at the Jackson house; shoveled his snow; showered him with phone calls and well wishes; and on April 27 and 28 will be holding a swim-athon to help with his expenses.

Participating swimmers can either get sponsors for each length they swim or can make a flat donation.

Team is Milwaukee Recreation Masters (if I’m correct)

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