Former USA Swimming VP files complaint about screening


Read for instance ESPN and Stamford Advocate

A former vice president at USA Swimming claims the organization’s new screening procedures failed to detect a coach with multiple identities and a felony conviction.

Mike Saltzstein filed a complaint Monday asking for a review of a person known as James Pantera, who became involved with San Diego Imperial Swimming last year.

In the complaint obtained by The Associated Press, Saltzstein said his review found the person has at least 11 identities and three dates of birth, and that he was sentenced to a year in federal prison for making false statements and fraudulently obtaining student loans.

(Source: Stamford Advocate)

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  1. I know James personally. He is the softest, kindest person (and boss) you will ever meet. Here is the truth. He had some bad grades as a junior in college, broke into the US State Department computer obtained a passport from a person who no longer needed it, started college all over again, then applied to medical school. You CANNOT be convicted of student loan fraud as a medical student, your student loans are attached to your medical license, but he was tired and broke from fighting the federal government. This was a one time incident and he has been a volunteer in the community and successful businessman for over 14 years. Please don’t make assumptions about a peson you don’t know. I think that is a real crime. We love James.
    For those of you who think, lawyers, or prosecutors, don’t embellish their case briefs, then you have been watching too much TV. It was a passport and a student loan, that is all. The rest is all garbage.

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