In Denmark it is okay that child molesting coach stays as chairman of the club (!)


This is so weird, according to Danish tabloid media Ekstrabladet, the Sports Confederation of Denmark will not deny a Karate coach convicted of sex with a minor the right to be chairman of the same club, despite of having banned him from coaching children and adolescents under 18 the next 10 years, as they believe that there is no real risk of a chairman having close relations with kids and youths. According to the article, most clubs get rid of sex offending coaches, while others still chose to give them a second chance as coaches of adults or member of the board.

– ‘But I agree with you, that being chairman is a signal externally. But that we will leave to local people to decide, whether they still will associate with him’, says Jan Darfeldt, member of the Sports Confederation of Denmark’s pedophilia committee.

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