High School Swimmer Saves Teammate’s Life During Practice


Read wkbw.com. The way I see it, they shouldn’t have been doing those dangerous drills, especially since only one had received life saving training. But happy story nevertheless.

Charlie Cain, 17, never thought he would need the life saving training he received from the American Red Cross. He took the lifeguarding class in preparation for his pre-med dreams.

However, Thursday afternoon at his swim practice, Cain’s skills were put to the test.

The Peoria Notre Dame Varsity swim team had been working on how long they could hold their breath and how many yards they could swim while doing it.

Alex Bousky, 16, was working to break some records when he pushed himself a little too far. Bousky passed out after his 75th yard and suffered a seizure in the bottom of the pool.

When swimmer Grant Streid noticed Bousky was nowhere to be seen, Cain sprang into action jumping in the water and carrying his teammate to safety.

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