Humpback whale visits Tórshavn Harbor


Whale spotting Faroe style, this Tuesday a small humpback whale decided to go sight-seeing in our capitol Tórshavn, swimming into the marina which is as sheltered as it can be, in the heart of Tórshavn harbor, besides the Faroese seat of government, in the heart of the Faroe Islands.

No need for boats here, you could just walk around it :-)

This is Tinganes, the office of the Faroese prime minister. The whale swam to the left of it, all the way in to those yachts seen in the background.

Tinganes, Tórshavn

Picture courtesy of Stig Nygaard, CC BY 2.0

Diver and underwater wildlife photographer Ingi Sørensen decided to go swimming with it, but unfortunately the water was really cloudy.

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