The British Olympics competition preparation plan announced


With the London Olympics less than 100 days away, British swimmers are preparing to race on the international circuit, including the Europeans in Debrecen in May, the Mare Nostrum Series in June, the OW Marathon qualifier in Setúbal in June and the Santa Clara International Grand Prix in May/June, before the last chance to book a remaining slot on Team GB at the British Gas ASA National Championships on June 20th – 23rd. Read more here on

Team GB at Debrecen 2012

  • Robbie Renwick – City of Glasgow
  • Michael Jamieson – British Gas ITC Bath
  • James Goddard – British Gas ITC Stockport
  • Craig Gibbons – Maxwell
  • Sophie Allen – British Gas ITC Stockport

A team GB supporter at Roma 2009

Team GB at Mare Nostrum 2012

  • Stacey Tadd – Team Bath (Barca)
  • Calum Jarvis – British Gas ITC Bath (Barca)
  • Amelia Maughan – British Gas ITC Bath (Barca)
  • Siobhan-Marie O’Connor – British Gas ITC Bath (Barca)
  • Chris Walker-Hebborn – British Gas ITC Bath (Barca)
  • Michael Jamieson – British Gas ITC Bath (Barca, Canet)
  • Andrew Willis – British Gas ITC Bath  (Barca, Canet)
  • Hannah Miley – Garioch (Barca)
  • Adam Brown – Hatfield (Barca)
  • Amy Smith – Loughborough University (Canet, Monaco)
  • Joe Roebuck – Loughborough University (Canet, Monaco)
  • Caitlin McClatchey – Loughborough University (Canet, Monaco)
  • Jack Marriot – British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Grant Turner – British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Emma Wilkins – British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Liam Tancock– British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Ross Davenport– British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Fran Halsall– British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Lizzie Simmonds– British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Jo Jackson– British Gas ITC Loughborough (Canet, Monaco)
  • Jack Burnell – – British Gas ITC Loughborough (Barca, Canet)
  • Roberto Pavoni – – British Gas ITC Loughborough (Barca, Canet)
  • Sophie Smith – City of Leicester (Barca)
  • Jessica Lloyd – City of Manchester  (Barca)
  • Craig Gibbons – Maxwell (Monaco)
  • Aimee Willmott – Middlesbrough (Barca)
  • Joel Knight – Millfield (Canet)
  • James Guy – Millfield (Canet)
  • Georgia Hohmann  – Nova ( Barca)
  • Rebecca Adlington – Nova  (Barca)
  • Joe Patching – Plymouth Leander (Monaco)
  • James Young – Plymouth Leander (Monaco)
  • Joe Parker – Plymouth Leander (Monaco)
  • Grant Halsall – Plymouth Leander (Monaco)
  • Antony James – Plymouth Leander (Monaco)
  • Ellie Faulkner – City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Lewis Coleman – City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Lucy Spencer– City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Tom Sunter– City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Braxton Timm– City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Mathew Johnson– City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Rebecca Turner– City of Sheffield (Barca)
  • Cameron Brodie – British Gas ITC Stirling (Canet)
  • Josh Walsh – British Gas ITC Stirling (Canet)
  • Jak Scott– British Gas ITC Stirling (Canet)
  • Rob Bale– British Gas ITC Stirling (Canet)
  • Russell Smith – British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • Iain MacMillan– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca, Canet)
  • David Carry– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • Sophie Allen– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • James Goddard– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • Keri-Anne Payne– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • Michael Rock– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • Daniel Sliwinski– British Gas ITC Stockport (Barca)
  • Georgia Davies – British Gas ITC Swansea (Barca)
  • Jemma Lowe – British Gas ITC Swansea (Barca)
  • Craig McNally – Warrender (Barca)
  • Craig Benson – Warrender (Barca)

Team GB at the Setubal 2012 Olympic Marathon qualifier

  • Dan Fogg – British Gas ITC Loughborough
  • David Davies – City of Cardiff

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