Dara Torres impresses in heats at Indy, but is realistic


Though men’s megastars Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte are at the Indianapolis Grand Prix, no other swimmer got accosted Friday morning quite as thoroughly as Dara Torres, who at 44 is trying to make her sixth Olympic team. She posted the second-fastest qualifying time – 25.35 – seconds in the 50 freestyle, despite misjudging the start and getting out more slowly than any of the final 16 competitors. But, she is realistic, for instance not trying fo the 4×100 freestyle relay, even if six spots are available, for as she says “I can’t swim 100 three times in a row. My body will not do that”. Read the Washington Post and Indystar.

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  1. Clifford Decker on

    I have never seen anywhere before where Dara Torres has said ” I can’t . . . ” and realism has nothing to do with this factor. “Can’t” has never been in her vocabulary, ‘can’t” is a negative. Dara Torres is the personification of Positive. My grandmother left me with one thought “Can’t, Won’t and TRY” and the last always defeated the first two. Even to this day, that is my motto. Never quit. Dara Torres is not a quitter.

    Realism would have this as her being “too old” for the last Olympics, where she had a DEAD HEAT with Britta for the gold. She touched the wall at exactly the same time, she just did not apply enough pressure to trigger that fact, but one one hundreth of a second is only measured in atoms in physics not in a swim meet! She won the gold with Britta, she should have had a Gold as well .

    Realism would definently have this now that she is “too old” at 44 for her Sixth Olympics, but even getting off of the blocks late she still came in second out of a field of 16 who are half her age or younger!!!!
    She could swim three one hundred yard sets in a medley any time that she decided to do so, and her body is very well prepared to do so.

    She really only wants to win the 50 that she was cheated out of by a lack of pressure to trigger the damn clock. She knows this, and I know this.

    Yet, no where is there any information on how she did in the final heat of the night at this trial.

    Good grief, this is a swim magazine, where is that data???

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