CC photo #82: Waiting outside the Jaked stand in Rome


Fun memories from the Rome 2009 World Aquatics Championships. Birita wanted one of those brand new Jaked supersuits, so we arrived at about 8 in the morning only to find out when the shop opened at 10 that they didn’t have size 20 nor 22. The day before we had been too far back in line to have any chance of getting a suit, so the next day we woke at 6 and went almost straight to the pool by taxi, in order to be first in line. It worked.


By the way, I’m the guy with the computer, killing time by writing this piece on my Faroese site. There is something wrong with the times I mention, changing from stand opening at 10 to stand opening at 09. Must have been the heat. Here is a video from when the stand opened …

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