Adolph Kiefer on aquatic therapy


Born in 1918, Adolph “Sonny Boy” Kiefer was the first ever to swim 100 yards backstroke under 1 minute. He won the 100 backstroke at the 1936 Summer Olympics in (Nazi) Berlin, was asked to audition for the role of Tarzan but joined the US Navy instead and served during World War II, was appointed to set guidelines for safety and training there and taught more than 33,000 navymen to survive in water, before building the succesful and innovative Kiefer brand. Worked with the major of Chicago building swimming pools across the inner city of Chicago, providing facilities needed for countless children to learn to swim. Now well up in his nineties, he suffers from neuropathy that has put him in a wheel chair, but still swims in spite of this, and can instruct us on the importance of aquatic therapy. What a man.

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