Webscorer, an exciting new race timing app for your iPhone or iPad


Take a peak at that screen dump – doesn’t that look like something that you have been missing for far too many years? A mobile app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch called Webscorer that is dirt simple to use: you start the clock and then tap the screen as you wish to record a time, and then enter the swimmer’s name. When you want to upload the result to their website, you tap a few other buttons and enter the event information.

The free FAN version includes a basic timer and the uploader, most likely to be used by spectators or for personal timing situations, while the $75 iPhone / $150 iPad Webscorer PRO in-app upgrade from FAN includes a sophisticated timing program, designed to handle just about any type of race (or practice), from races with interval starts to wave starts to relays, likely to be used by coaches or race officials.

Via ReadWriteWeb.com, see also FAN and PRO demo videos.

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