In Massachusetts, boys compete as girls ?


So, my good American friends, I am really confused by this: At Norwood High in Massachusetts, boys compete on girls teams because their schools do not have boys swimming programs. Able to do so because the open access amendments to the state constitution mandates that boys and girls must be afforded equal access to athletics.

I get that.

But, now they compete in the same heats, taking top seeds from the girls, possibly becoming the girls state champion? Get to swim in the girls’ relays, knock them off the awards podium, making it hard for the girls to qualify for All-Star honors? Get to even break the girls’ sectional records?

girl vs boy

A possible now former (female) record holder:

“There’s a reason these records are girls’ records. If there was no difference in boys’ strength, then it would be a unisex record. It’s really not fair. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t believe it.”

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association:

“They are going to look for ways to deal with a boy holding a record in a girl’s sport,” … “Because sooner or later, I guess, some boy is going to come along and be the fastest swimmer.”

Wait – you are guessing that that will happen? Take a peak at the world records.

Read The New York Times

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