2 named in swim team sex abuse suit deny allegations


Swim coach Amanda Cox and former head coach John Diercks yesterday denied any wrongdoing after being named in a lawsuit alleging a culture of pedophilia surrounding youth swimming. Doesn’t look good though, Cox says she had no idea Wheat was molesting anyone until the night before he was arrested, but the victim’s attorney Jonathan Little had damaging text messages to present to the court, between Cox and Wheat:

Part of the conversation reads:

Wheat: Went too far this time…but it has stopped for now…
Cox: How far?
Wheat: Didnt have sex
Cox: “Ok so u didn’t technically do anything wrong. So… why introuble?”
Wheat: “We went pretty far…”
Wheat: It nvr even got to this point with (name of another student redacted)
Cox: Good idea not to say anything! ;)

Read IndyStar.com and fox59.com.

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