Former Olympic swimmer questions use of funds in FINA


When Nikki Dryden was a successful swimmer for Canada, she had little time to focus on the financial affairs of FINA. However, now as a New York-based humans right attorney, she feels our sport’s governing body is only becoming richer, more secretive and less accountable. And yes, the numbers are quite worrying – with 22 full time staff, an administrative budget for 2008 of $3.3 million, FINA ended the year of 2005 with excess fund USD 9 million, but spent just USD 300,000 on development programmes. Basic safeguards as equipping lifeguards with binoculars are being compromised, while at the same time, athletes are increasingly being forced to wear the logos of FINA and its sponsors. Read


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  1. That is a bit worrying if there is that much excess after each year! Would be nice to see where the funds go and if it is being reinvested in competitive swimming and the other water sports.

    Chris – Simply Swim


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