CSS-test calculators added


Two calculators added under our brand new section ‘Tools‘, which hopefully in time will turn into some kind of swim tool repository. I use the very good (free) service of www.editgrid.com, which is almost ‘Excel on the web’.

The CSS-test is a test developed by Wakayoshi and associates, to estimate the threshold pace or “Critical Swimming Speed” for endurance training. The test is described in detail by Ernest W. Maglischo in the book “Swimming Fastest“, and involves swimming a series of time trials of different distances, and then determining the “Critical Swimming Speed” as the slope of the  line of best fit between the time trial distances and times for those swims.

The test can be done swimming only two time trials of different distances, but three or more distances are recommended. I use four in this calculator – 50, 100, 200 and 400 meters – which is good for seasoned freestyle swimmers, but tough on young swimmers or stroke specialists. So in order to accommodate these also, I’ve tweaked it into an additional ‘light’ version, using only 50, 100 and 200 meter time trials.


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