‘Swimmer Buddy’ aims to make open-water swimming safer


Long-distance swimmer Jim Zinger says he created the Swimmer Buddy after his wife expressed concerns about him swimming in open water. It is a belt connected by a 6-foot-long leash to a body board, on which you can attach colourful “noodles” and flags. To be seen and to be able to rest upon if you get tired. Not so stupid, I think maybe even a radar reflector and some GPS transmitter to be completely safe. See www.swimmerbuddy.com, via Burbank Reader.


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  1. Nice initiative – this along with notifying the lifesavers before swimming offshore should make for a safer swim.
    A bit disappointed that the swimmer is not wearing a brightly coloured swimcap – thereby distinguishing him from a others in the water. If I was on the beach as a lifesaver I would welcome sighting the swim buddy but would also take the time to sight the swimmer’s head to ensure he is still active.

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