Swimming can help beat cancer


A recent report by Macmillan Cancer Support advices that cancer patients receiving treatment should be encouraged to take part in two and a half hours of physical activity every week, supporting the benefits of swimming in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. See swimming.org.

ASA has more here on swimming.org, explaining the benefits of exercise and swimming:

“Swimming is particularly effective at improving body circulation and delivering blood to the furthest regions of the body,” said ASA Research and Insight Manager Ian Freeman”

“This transports waste products away, improves digestion rates and when coupled with high quality protein immediately after a swim, strengthens the immune system.”

“Getting into the habit of swimming once a week (and more is possible), for at least 30 minutes means that the body gets used to regular swimming sessions. All these benefits add up to a healthier lifestyle and can help to reduce cancer risk.”

“Swimming also helps those diagnosed with cancer to fight the disease as a therapeutic strategy.”

“As well as improving blood flow it works muscles and reduces swelling, strengthens muscles, keeps joints flexible, maintains and improves range of movement and improves posture. Swimming is particularly helpful if you have joint problems as it works the muscles without putting joints under strain.”

Do you need more convincing? Read more the article.


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