Is ASCA doing business fraudulently ?


Hard accusations here on, concerning the business operations of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), SwimAmerica, World Swimming Association (WSA), …

ASCA is listed as a foreign corporation in Florida. Foreign, in corporation lingo, means not incorporated in the state. I originally had images of a corporation concealing their finances in Grand Cayman. It turns out John Leonard and George Block have an even better deal. Their annual reports to Florida state they are incorporated in Iowa. I checked the Iowa department of state. John Leonard registered in Iowa in 1968 but was terminated in 1992 for failure to file reports.

ASCA is not a legitimate corporation so there is no government oversight into their finances. It is not registered as an assumed name in Bexar County, and it is unlikely to be registered in any county. This is a fictitious entity.

In many states it is considered fraud if you present your business under a name other than your proper legal name without proper notification such as filing a DBA (doing business as) or registering as a corporation.

I confirmed ASCA status on Iowa’s website and verbally with the Iowa department of state. ASCA, SwimAmerica, WSA, and possibly several other business entities seem to be doing business fraudulently.


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  1. Please post on your website:
    I am the author of John Leonard has emailed me demanding an immediate retraction. I will do so within 48 hours. I can’t do so now because I don’t understand most of his letter and I am too distraught. To your readers: ignore my blog and any statements made using my blog as references. Sarah Gjerstad

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