Mums ‘refusing to teach kids how to swim because they worry about how they look in swimwear’


More than half of British mums say they won’t teach their children how to swim because they worry about being seen in a swimming costume, a new survey claims.

A further 38 percent say they have avoided all water related activities with their children because they involve being in swimwear.

Their apparent lack of confidence left the same number delegating swimming duties to their other half.

A further 40 percent claim they don’t feel confident getting into the water and a quarter (27 percent) said they can’t remember the last time they went for a swim.

The knock on effect left 38 percent of those surveyed, expressing concerns that their child lacks confidence in the water.

An astounding one in ten revealed their child cannot swim and over a third (38 percent) couldn’t describe their child as a ‘strong swimmer’.

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