Behold a high bar base jump stunt almost ending in death


Not swimming relevant, but 47-year-old father-of-five hospital surgeon and former gymnast on the Norwegian national team Richard Henriksen attempting a death-defying high bar base jump stunt when the construction collapses. Having no time to think, he decided to just go through with the moves while the setup fell to pieces, head barely missing the cliff on the way down, managing to get the parachute opened when the bar came swooshing close by him, hitting the ground just seconds later. He has performed complicated operations on fellow base jumpers, blames frustrating IT systems for needing this primal rush, has discussed this clip with his (still smiling) kids, and doesn’t even sound like he is done with it, in this NRK report. The reporter you see spectating visibly shaking after Henriksen went down. Crazy.

(Oh wait, in this video he performs stunts in a pool with his kids, so it is swimming relevant :-)

‘A society where kids don’t break arms and legs, is a bad society in my opinion’

Here is the Norwegian report (in Norwegian)


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