10-20-30 training concept improves health and performance with less training


Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have come up with a new training concept for runners that shows an increase in health and performance of up to a minute on a 5K run despite a 50% reduction in amount of training. They say that 30 minute is all you need, therefore easily adapted into a busy life, and since it deals with relative speeds interspersed with rest and low-speed running, individual with different fitness levels can perform it together. Read more here on ku.dk, via Lifehacker.

The 10-20-30 training concept consists of a 1-km warm-up at a low intensity followed by 3-4 blocks of 5 minutes running interspersed by 2 minutes of rest. Each block consists of 5 consecutive 1-minute intervals divided into 30, 20 and 10 seconds of running at a low, moderate and near maximal intensity, respectively.

Image and video courtesy of Carsten Lundager


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