For lower-profile Olympians like Berens, social media is key to branding success


Interesting article here on Mashable:

“Ricky Berens is a world-class athlete, but he’s no Michael Phelps. The two teamed up to help the United States win a relay swimming gold medal at the 2008 Olympics and will probably both participate in the 2012 Games. But outside the pool their lives couldn’t be more different.” …

“You’re not getting all the TV time, so you have create your own story,” Berens told Mashable in an interview. “Social media gives me a chance to do that.”

Berens began boosting his social presence, primarily on Twitter and Facebook, about a year ago with consulting help from the new media marketing company Spiracle Media. Since then, he’s says he’s secured sponsorship deals with BMW, Got Chocolate Milk and TYR. Those deals were made possible by a number of factors, but Berens says he’s sure his social media efforts played a crucial role.

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