You can hear your splits underwater in the London 2012 pool


Interesting fact, courtesy of Elizabeth Simmonds on Twitter

And hilarious follow-up tweet


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  1. Adlington was baffled by the underwater commentary

    She said: “It was so bizarre. I’ve never been to a pool where you can hear the commentary.

    “On the turns you could proper hear your name and I was like ‘what’s going on?’ – I thought something had happened. I thought they were DQing us at the start. I’m not used to hearing people underwater.

    “It wasn’t a problem, I just wondered what was going on.

    “You could only hear it briefly, like when you turned.

    “As soon as you are breathing your ear is out so I could hear the buzz from the crowd so I didn’t really pay attention.”

    Read London24 (link unfortunately dead now 2 years later)

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