Killer Whales migrating north with the receding ice, causing havoc


Orcas have until now been prevented from moving into the Arctic regions because of their large dorsal fins impeding passage in and around sea ice. But with the ice melting, they range also northward, decimating populations of marine mammals and threatening the Inuit’s food supply. In the most gory way, killing for sport on occasion and wasting food. Still think they are the most beautiful thing out there, but don’t doubt their “killer” nickname

The bowhead doesn’t stand a chance. His killers have surrounded him, holding him underwater and covering his blowhole so he can’t breathe. They immobilize his flippers and tail while ramming the beast to break ribs and damage internal organs as they tear chunks of flesh from the living animal.

Killer Whales, Galápagos Islands

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Photo courtesy of Dave Govoni, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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