They knew that Flavio Bomio used to sleep with the athletes ?


Notice, my Italian is no-existent, but the message in this article seems clear enough, even through Google Translate:

“How was it possible that nobody has ever had suspicions about an individual who went alone to the fields of training and transfers of the company and also slept in the room with this or that guy?”. The question arises whether a reader sent in a letter to the press in recent days about the arrest of Flavio Bomio, ‘former president and former coach of the “swimming Company Bellinzona,” sued for acts of pedophilia.

The question really if you put it in so many and apparently it seems that many people were in Bellinzona to know if it is true that the day after the news, would appear a banner reading “Everyone knew. Hypocrites.”

65-year-old Charles Caccialanza used to be a swimming official, noticing strange behavior once or twice, where Bomio was stroking a ‘date’ (this is Google Translate speaking) insistently on the neck and back during two days of competition in Bellinzona and Locarno. Without doing the same to others.


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