Aussies to take the underwater ironing world record back from the Dutch


SY0309A2903So there is a “Underwater Extreme Ironing” battle going on that many of us haven’t heard of, between Australia and the Netherlands and UK, Poland, New Zealand and probably other countries too. The Netherlands hold the record of 173 scuba divers ironing underwater simulteneusly in March, but now Australia wants the record back, aiming for a whopping 200. Read Diamond Valley Leader.

“The latest sport combines the thrills of an outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt,” Mrs Azzopardi said.

“I am aiming for around 200 divers to iron out the record, so to speak, and show those Dutchies what us Aussies are made of.”

By the way, don’t do this at home! And if you don’t listen to that advice, then please notice that one of the very important survival tips is to unplug your iron before going near the water. The pros even cut the cable!

Picture courtesy of Blue Beyond, cc by-nc-nd 2.0


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