ButterflEYE goggles measure your heart rate while swimming


As a swimmer on her college team at the American University of Beirut, it never made sense to Hind Hobeika that practices were organized according to heart rates taken after the swims, or with watches or belts that disturb and slow you down. So she invented the ButterflEYE goggles that read the pulse in the temporal artery, and signal back with green light if you’re on target, yellow if you need to speed up, and red if you need to slow down. The prototype is a bit bulky, but she won a 3rd place in the Qatar-based reality TV show Star of the Science, similar to the U.S. show American Inventor, and has been granted $100,000 to improve her invention. Read The Wall Street Journal and see butterfleyeproject.com


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Production engineer and certified swim coach. Full-time IT consultant, spare-time swimming aficionado. 2 sons, 2 daughters and a wife. President of the Faroe Islands Swimming Association. Likes to run :-)

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