Polska! Polska!


So, it has been a couple of quiet days here on Swimmer’s Daily, but now we’re in Szczecin in Western Pomerania, in the magnificent Radisson Blu Hotel where drawers open if you clap your hands.


The competition pool looks good, they have an interesting priority of a huge VIP-area with cafe style seating around small tables. Look forward to seeing how that will work out.


The weather is good, a bit cold but not worse than that you just wonder if you should wear a hat or not. We’ve had great internet all day, but now unfortunately it seems that upload speed here from the hotel is miserable. Still waiting for the first (little) batch of photos to upload :-/

DSC07160Tomorrow it will be training in the morning and then maybe a bit of shopping in the center next door. I’ll try to get on top of all my to-do’s here on the site, with interesting stories that I just didn’t have time to post.

Best to you all, from Pomerania


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