Kenrick Monk won’t face charges over invented hit-and-run incident


Olympic swimmer Kenrick Monk has escaped a possible three-year jail term after lying about being victim of a hit and run incident, but has frontline police officers furious, as for instance Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers:

“Swimming Australia now being caught red-handed being complicit in orchestrating Mr Monk out of being charged by police has to be the final nail in the coffin of (its) fast-sinking credibility.”

“The public rightly expect that no one should deliberately waste the time of police, whether they be wannabe B-grade celebrity athletes like this modern day ‘boy who cried wolf’, or just regular people.”

“What this decision to not charge Mr Monk shows is that a very clear double standard is alive and well in Australia.

“It appears Swimming Australia has succumbed to the hypnotic allure of trying to win gold medals rather than to be concerned with the calibre of people who will wear the green and gold to represent our once proud nation.”

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