SWIM. – a short film being shot in British Columbia


A short film is being shot these days at the UBC Aquatics Centre in Vancouver, Canada, November 17th-21st 2011, by UBC Film Production. That is one thing, but they are at the same time producing great ‘behind the scenes’ shots, here from day one:

SWIM – Behind the Scenes / Day One from SWIM. – Short Film on Vimeo.

Plot outline is that 13-year-old Charlotte is obsessed with, but terrified of growing up. Her fear manifests itself in her inability to make it across the length of the pool in her swimming lessons. Embarrassed, she keeps to herself, spending her time idolizing her next-door neighbor – a fit, sexually active, attractive young woman – from afar. Teaser trailer:

SWIM. – Teaser Trailer from SWIM. – Short Film on Vimeo.

See vimeo.com/swimthefilm and facebook.com/swimthefilm. The film is to be released in April 2012.


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