Police Union furious with Kenrick Monk


Australian swimming star Kenrick Monk has wasted police time by lying about the incident that caused his broken elbow, the Queensland Police Union says. Union presiden Ian Leavers goes as far as saying that Monk’s lies has caused immense damage to himself, his family, friends and the sport of swimming.

“The public rightly expect that no one should deliberately waste the time of police, whether they be wannabe B-grade celebrity athletes like this modern day ‘boy who cried wolf’, Kenrick Monk, or just regular people”

“Mr Monk may say he was under extreme pressure, however, that does not excuse him thinking it is alright to make false statements to police and waste their time, as he in turn unfairly casts doubt over all those people who make legitimate complaints to police every day.

“Perhaps Mr Monk should take up children’s story book writing and leave swimming and skateboarding behind.”

Police are investigating the matter, including whether they should charge Monk with making a false statement, which carries a maximum $10,000 fine (about 9,732 USD). “It is something they would consider, says a police spokeswoman.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald.


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