Handicapped Swede wins Alcatraz Classic in record time


45-year-old (Paralympic gold medalist) Anders Olsson says that they laughed at him when he came to compete in the 9th Annual Alcatraz Classic: Swim With The Centurions, as the first swimmer ever without functioning legs to enter this grueling competition. But he nevertheless beat them all, swimming 2.6 kilometers (1.5 miles) in the rough and frigid waters of the San Francisco bay, from Alcatraz to the mainland, in record time 24 minutes and 32 seconds. My personal and totally subjective comment: They call it “for experienced open-water swimmers only”, we call it “nothing”. Ahh, it is a good day to be Nordic ;-) Via The Local.


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  1. Here is a Swedish speaking interview with Olsson before the swim, where they amongst other things discuss the shark warning: ‘Yes, there is a shark warning, but not so big sharks’. See, this is how a viking speaks :-)

    (Video is gone, sorry)

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