Half-boiled from the hot humidity


So I went out to search for that mall again, that I couldn’t find yesterday, and didn’t find today either. Found other things though, like (incidentally) the Yang Shen Natatorium, before returning two hours later with fingers so swollen, that there was squeaking resistance when I clenched my fists.


Having gained two kilos in two days, I took a break from my clenbuterol control experiment, skipping pork from the menu this evening. The Shanghainese like their sweet and sour pork, bacon-flavored noodles and honey-glazed pig hooves, but I need to fit these clothes for a week, and then opted instead for the smoked fish, glazed vegetables, cauliflower curry, some fowl, some more fish, olives, cucumbers, dessert and a little bit of pork. Nice eating here at the Jin Jiang Oriental.

Pál and the others will arrive around midnight, when Jón says that they (or at least Pál) need to eat something. I will be steadfast and skip that one, if possible.


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