Graeme Moore trying out a Disney-class ice bath


Great picture of South Africa’s Graeme Moore, here in Roland Schoeman’s Lockerz-photos. I wonder what kind of kid gets that kind of tall and narrow pool, so yes, lets’ buy them all and make ice baths out of them :-)

Who needs a $6000 ice bath when you can rock the $50 Disney version like @graemeswim #ingenuity than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply


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  1. They have bigger guys than Graeme on the team, so I guess it could be even more funny ;)

    The Pool was very warm today. Pierre de Roubaix, head coach from Stellenbosch in Cape Town, measured it to be over 31 degrees after 15:00 pm

    Imagine doing 20 Km in that pool in one day…

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