“Drugs cloud over world swimming championships”


Nice one Brazil, serve the journalists the opportunity to write headlines like this, followed by these intro words: “A damaging drugs scandal overhangs the world swimming championships in Shanghai, where a misfiring Michael Phelps will try to reignite his Olympic form.”

It could have been this, quote Swimming World Magazine’s John Long:

“The 2009 World Championships were a joke with the more than 40 world records,” Swimming World Magazine’s John Long told AFP.

“None of that was pure. But we’ve moved on and the sport is where it should be these days, based on talent and work ethic.”

But no, now it is the drugs, the perhaps dodgy handling of pharmaceuticals, the long list of already banned Brazilians, and the trying to get away with banning your best, despite of a clear and confirmed doping infringement. Bringing us all down.


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  1. I for one will say buuuuh when I see those Brazilians swimmers. But let’s not forget the Brazilian federation… what a bunch of f… retards… and FINA/WADA.. dont get me started..

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