Female scientist strips naked to swim with belugas


natalia-avseenko36-year-old Russian scientist/freediver Natalia Avseenko believes that belugas do not like to be touched by artificial materials such as diving suits, and therefore stripped naked before pluging into the freezing water near Murmansk. Science or not, since this is not that kind of website, you will have to do with a video of some (naked) belugas blowing bubble rings and other stuff in a Japanese aquarium

And then see the same Natalia set a 57 meter Constant Weight No Fins freediving world record in Bahamas 2008 (from a not so usual surface perspective).


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  1. That is crazy. She must really be dedicated to her work to get naked and jump into freezing cold water to swim with a mammal. I would take my changes with a wet suit on. I would not risk freezing to death to touch a fish.

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